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A fixer has the illusion of being causal
a server knows s/he is being used in the service
of something greater,
essentially unknown.

We fix something specific.
We serve always something:
Wholeness and the mystery of life.

Fixing and helping are the work of the ego.
Serving is the work of the soul.

When you help, you see life as weak.
When you fix you see life as broken
When you serve you see life as whole.
Fixing and helping may cure. Service heals.

When I help, I feel satisfaction.
When I serve, I feel gratitude.

Fixing is a form of judgment.
Serving is a form of connection.


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I¬†recently visited a local Greek restaurant where I¬†found this artwork by the owners young son posted on the wall. I don’t think any explanation is needed. And yes it is tasty. Oopa! (click on the pictures for larger size)

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shoe repair sign

I don’t know George. But I think I would like to. You see, George does it all. Who doesn’t need a man like that around the house? When was the last time you had a pair of shoes repaired? While-U-Wait!

He can dye your shoes to match your new outfit or your pet maybe. He can make a key for your new roomate. He makes sure you stay on time with a new watch battery. Feeling a little dull. He can sharpen your knives.

If the sign had been bigger I bet there are whole lot more things that George could do. Maybe its a good thing the sign isn’t bigger. There might be things he can do I don’t want to know about or aren’t fit for a public sign.

All of this and he guarantees he has the lowest prices in town. I repeat who wouldn’t like a man like him? Sorry folks, he is in California not Seattle.

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If At First

I guess that is probably true. But for most things-try, try again.

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