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Holiday Greetings 2011


When you shine with the light of happiness,

you illuminate everyone.


Peace, love, and joy to all.






all rights reserved © Diane Kern 2011 


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Are you feeding your creative self? Do you believe that creativity is an essential part of your life? Do you give yourself permission to create without guilt?



I believe I am worth the time it takes to create
whatever I feel called to create.
I believe that my work is worthy of its own space,
which is worthy of the name Sacred.
I believe that when I enter this space,
I have the right to work in silence, uninterrupted,
for as long as I choose.
I believe that the moment I open myself to the gifts of the muse,
I open myself to the Source of All Creation
And become One with the Mother of Life Itself.
I believe that my work is joyful, useful and constantly changing,
Flowing through me like a river with no beginning and no end.
I believe that what it is I am called to do will make itself known
when I have made myself ready.
I believe that the time I spend creating my art is as precious
as the time I spend giving to others.
I believe that what truly matters in the making of art
is not what the final piece looks like or sounds like,
not what it is worth or not worth,
but what newness gets added to the universe
in the process of the piece itself becoming.
I believe that I am not alone in my attempts to create,
and that once I begin the work, settle into the strangeness,
the words will take shape, the form find life, and the spirit take fight.
I believe that the Muse gives to me, so does she deserve from me:
faith, mindfulness and enduring commitment.
~ Jan Phillips (2002)

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The sun plays on the water like so many Las Vegas lights

Shifting colors with the tide

The wind plays through the trees, now fast now slow

Singing a different tune with each tree

pine, cedar, birch


A noisy party soars into sight long after you hear their cries

What are they saying?

I can soar longer than you can

No you can’t, watch me

Catch this current

See how high I can go

They circle in a sloppy flock.

Seagulls have a mind of their own


Higher and higher till they are out of sight

But not out of hearing

Why do they do it?

Not to escape a predator

Not to get from point A to B

Not to hunt for dinner

After all the fish around here don’t fly

Just because they can

What else would you rather do on the finest kind of day

Than to have some hang time with your friendsPicture 001

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wind sharp as a scalpel
air crisp as a granny smith
sky clear as heaven
infinite darkness bedazzled by
the perfect celestial jewel

milky and luminous
flying with arched clouds
the moon has wings
it gives us light
when we really need it

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whisper of mornings golden light
warm to the touch
seen thru the veil of damp silver mesh,
remembrance of the moon

a celebration of cotton candy clouds
dressed by the dawn
straining to begin the day
like school children
aching for summer vacation

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Balanced on the Precipice of Delight          

small schoodic 

solid, concrete, unyielding
You can hardly imagine something less itinerant
Speckled pink and gray, black and white
It sparkles in the hot summer sun
Kissed by the surging ocean,
shaped by the energy of wind, water and earth
Hard ridges, sharp and jagged like puzzle pieces gone astray
Smooth curves, soft to the touch warm your back

Moving slowly toward the sea each season, ever changing
unnoticed unless your memory holds the picture
Imperceptible motion
Then it drops
Drops suddenly from its home,
becoming mobile for a moment or two
Free from its bondage it rests
Learning its new place in the world
Finding its balance

Sit barefoot on the edge
Feel the energy dance within
Get up and join the dance
I am calm, I am connected
Recognize the future
The ocean sings to me
The clouds wave as they pass in the searing blue sky
You come too

I move towards my destiny
The journey appears slow as granite
And then the drop
Drop into the sea of infinity,
Where all are one and time and space have no meaning
Find my place
I am balanced on the precipice of delight

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