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Red and Green Christmas Tree LightsThe apartment across the way has a mini Christmas tree on their window sill. The lights twinkle day and night. Their balcony railing is decorated with lights, red, green and blue. It is very pretty. But very confusing.


You hear the beat of their wings before you see them. Darting back and forth from flower to flower, feeding on the sweet nectar. You hear them in the trees and bushes talking and scolding each other. Their voices are much too large for their little bodies. You can’t find them no matter how hard you look because they are so small they are concealed by the tiniest branches.

evergreen with lights

What are they doing here in December? They should have migrated south where they can find blooms and sunshine. How do they stay warm? People feed them all summer to attract them to their gardens and window sills. But now when it is cold and rainy and inconvenient the feeders come in, just when they could use the extra help.

What is a hummingbird to do?

I was looking out my window today and I saw one of the poor creatures hovering around my neighbor’s window. It thought the little holiday tree had something special to eat. When it had no luck there, it moved on to the balcony rail. It stopped at every red light, all down the row. It must have felt bamboozled not to find any nectar.

hovering hummingbird

If you are going to feed the birds make it an all year proposition. Don’t be a fair weather friend.

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