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Part two of last year’s travels. I eventually reached the big X in the sky but there is still a long way to go. The days were long and would seem lonely. But they were a sort of meditation. I had traveled most of this route to the west at various times before. Revisiting and rethinking were in order.

Shuffle off to Buffalo and places beyond. Day two on the road. X marks the spot. Whether they are contrails or chem trails we won’t discuss here, but I am headed out towards the big X in the sky.


The geese don’t need a marker. They know where they are going. Shifting, dancing, flowing through the air they create lines, arrows and wedges as they trade places on their trip. I head straight down the highway, straight west.

What is that big X? Does it mean the sky is the limit?

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This was originally posted on March 9, 2010 as I started my trip across the United States. As this is the year anniversary, I thought I would repost my travels. It has been an interesting year with lots of lessons and experiences.

A new adventure begins today. I am on the move to the west coast. The car is packed, the gps is programmed, plenty of music and podcasts are loaded on my ipod. After a teary goodbye to my friends, I’m ready to go.

Monday is truck day so I have plenty of company on the expressway. But traffic is moving along nicely. The Canadian geese are on their own higway flying north. However the funniest sight I saw all day (unfortunately I couldn’t get a photo) was a big truck-dump truck size-filled with pancakes.

At first I couldn’t figure out what they were but as I pulled up I could see there were hundreds and hundreds of pancakes in the bed of the truck. WTF! Pancakes! Where in the world was he going with a truck load of pancakes. Mind you now they were not pancakes in boxes. These were just pancakes, bare pancakes stacked up. Not a bottle of maple syrup in sight. Maybe he had a pig farm and the little oinkers were going to have a treat. Bacon and pancakes. Ha!

Another question. Who made all those pancakes and why? Why so many pancakes that they would be left over for someone to haul away? I guess I will never know. What do you think?

Tomorrow is another adventure.

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