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seattle skyline with mt rainier


This week I decided to start a new creative venture. It’s something just for my own enjoyment, but I will share it with you.  Flickr, the photo sharing site, has all sorts of groups you can join on just about any topic you can imagine. I decided to not only be creative but also disciplined and joined  Our Daily Challenge 3.

beach boulders


Each day a photographic challenge is posted. The members then become creative and answer the challenge  as best they can. There are many professional photographers in the group and some folks like me who are doing it just for fun. I use a point and shoot camera unlike most of the people in the group who use a DSLR. But I have found some ways to trick my camera into doing things it was not designed for.

still life with crystals

challenge+still life

Some of the photos posted are literal interpretations of the challenge, others are down right funky. However they always make you think.  What I have enjoyed most is reading the comments people make on the entries. It has been gratifying to have so many wonderful comments on my attempts. And I am learning a lot in the process.

balls with letters

challenge=before and after

There is no pressure to complete each challenge on the day. You have up to a week to post your effort for a particular theme. And if you skip one, there are no challenge police to come knock on your door. All in all it is great fun.

shell on beach

challenge=things we hold

I hope you enjoy seeing my efforts. If you have comments, your thoughts are always appreciated. To see a larger image click on the photo.

back lit cyclamen

To see the answers of other photographers, go to Flickr and search for “Our Daily Challenge 3” under groups. You will definately be amazed at the photography.

reflection in espresso machine
challenge=inspired by keyboard key (CTRL)
fat feet
challenge=under my feet
Is that monkey, dog or man?
Salty's diver wall

These are a few of the photos I took this week. Which is your favorite?

all rights reserved © Diane Kern 2011

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Another week has gone by. August flew by so fast it was almost invisible. Maybe it was because I had my head under the bed. (No cats were harmed in the making of this blog.)

It actually rained for more than a few seconds, and this really excited me. People thought I was crazy.

The harvest started to come in a little bit at a time.

While some things were small, other things were actually quite large.

And there were days when I felt quite fluffy headed. Do you have days like that too? What do you do about it?

There were also celebrations such as birthdays. I’m helping a friend buy new shoes for his birthday.

And just for the halibut.

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