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Daylight savings time is over until next spring. The days are getting shorter and the wind is colder.

The leaves have fallen. But they will return soon enough.

The rains have arrived. But blue skys will come again.

The farmer’s market is closed. But it too will return in all its splendor.

This is the time to turn inwards, reflect, rest and regenerate.

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What are you today

Are you happy or sad today?

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wind sharp as a scalpel
air crisp as a granny smith
sky clear as heaven
infinite darkness bedazzled by
the perfect celestial jewel

milky and luminous
flying with arched clouds
the moon has wings
it gives us light
when we really need it

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whisper of mornings golden light
warm to the touch
seen thru the veil of damp silver mesh,
remembrance of the moon

a celebration of cotton candy clouds
dressed by the dawn
straining to begin the day
like school children
aching for summer vacation

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