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Eight days a week…things are still up and down. It is very hilly here. By the way that is not Mt. Shasta pictured further down in case you were wondering, or know better…

In every trip there are bound to be ups and downs. This trip is no exception. Yesterday and today I drove highways I had never driven before. Snaking through the serpentine mountain passes today I was either going up or going down. All day long-up-down-up-down-up-down-up…you get the picture. The area of Lake Shasta was so magical I was disappointed to find it was man made resevoir. As you wound around discovering different views of the mountains and water all I could think of was Lord of the Rings. (photos is by Shawna Scott not me)

In stark contrast was Mount Shasta a totally not man made mountain. Actually it is a collection of volcanos. This photo is by me. Do you remember Johnny Carson talking about Mt. Shasta? I do. The Native American name means white mountain. But all the snow was gone. Quite imposing.

Continuing my up and down journey I took a side road in Dunsmuir to find gas. But instead I found this excellent theater marquee. It was a strange little town that obviously at one time a great little resort town. Very old fashioned and quaint. There were lots of little cottages, an arboretum,boat launches etc. Would be nice to visit in the summer. But indeed a little past its prime.

There were many interesting places to stop and visit, the sundial bridge, Shasta Caverns and many more. But I was like a horse that sensed the stable ahead. I just kept driving.

In this same area was Castle Crags. Ancient, rough and scaly like the back of a venerable dragon. The land became greener and greener. The trees bigger and bigger. The sky turned dark and brooding which seemed only sensible considering the power of the mountains. Eventually it began to drizzle and then rain lightly cleaning the remains of the desert of the car.

I arrived at the night’s destination to a room from the past. Pine panelling and pink ceramic tile. A nod to the 50’s motel past.

Sleep tight.

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