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Moving-I hate it

Moving-I hate it. Well maybe that is a little strong. I don’t enjoy the process for sure. But I do enjoy being in a new place, getting to know a new neighborhood. The last week of December is not the best time to move being as busy as it is. I have had extra shifts at work, which I do love. That left very little time for packing.

It’s amazing what you can accumulate in a year and a half. I moved here with what would fit in my car and then shipped a few boxes later. No more. I had to rent a truck. I’ve pressed a couple of friends into service to help me. (I will have to do something extra nice for them) Wanting to make it easier for them I moved the majority of my belongings down to our lobby to speed the process.

After tomorrow’s major move there will still be things  that I don’t want to pack in the truck. So I will be back and forth for a couple of days, taking care of the precious items. All the while I will be working at Benaroya in the evenings. And I have early call, so the moving day will be short.

And then the process of finding the right place for eveything begins. I spent the day there today putting together my bed frame and building and attaching my new headboard. Glad I got that part out of the way. Where should I put my new comfy chair? How should I set up my office? I never feel at home until my artwork is on the walls. It is usually the first thing I do before starting to unpack. What makes you feel at home when you move?

It better not be raining tomorrow!

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