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A few more photos from my recent trip to Maine. No trip is complete without a visit to Bar Harbor. That day there were two cruise ships in town. The Empress of the Sea and the Independence smaller cruise ship. And of course the Margaret Todd was awaiting your arrival for a cruise around the bay.  Unlike Seattle, the ships are right there in your face, easy to see in the harbor. The passengers from the larger ships arrive at the dock on tenders and you can talk to them as they come and go, if you want to.  At the end of the day when they steam out past the islands it is quite a romantic sight.Bar Harbor was in shoulder season mode with fewer tourists but still enough to keep the shops open. I made a quick walk around town to make sure everything was still in order. It was.

Tidal Falls-a little further Downeast in Frenchmans Bay- is a really special spot where the outgoing Taunton River and the Atlantic Ocean fight it out every day. It has become a favorite spot for sea kayakers to test their skills. In this photo the white water looks insignificant but trust me these waters are deadly as this interpretive sign can attest.

One performance of Muse of Fire took place in a decommissioned basilica that is now home to the Franco-American Heritage Center in Lewiston, Maine. It is a magnificent building turned into a beautiful performance hall upstairs with accompanying historical documents and local items of interest and a social/meeting space downstairs. Some of the original features have of the church have been saved thank goodness. The most obvious from the outside is the stained glass windows. Inside the chandeliers remain, along with the magnificent reredos.

Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park is always a treat. It was a rather calm day on the ocean during this very brief visit. There were still interesting things to see.  A tiny, fall aster plant peeks out between the granite boulders by the equally tiny tide pool. Isn’t it sweet? And there is the place where the world cracked and the sea now comes in. Visitors were few and far between today but I had a conversation with some folks from Virginia who were bowled over by the beauty of this place.  Many visitors never make it to this part of the park but they were so glad they did. We chatted about other places in the Schoodic section, nearby towns to see and the best place for a lobster roll (see my previous post).

And here are a few more photos for your enjoyment, snapped on this trip, with time stolen from feverish packing.

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Balanced on the Precipice of Delight          

small schoodic 

solid, concrete, unyielding
You can hardly imagine something less itinerant
Speckled pink and gray, black and white
It sparkles in the hot summer sun
Kissed by the surging ocean,
shaped by the energy of wind, water and earth
Hard ridges, sharp and jagged like puzzle pieces gone astray
Smooth curves, soft to the touch warm your back

Moving slowly toward the sea each season, ever changing
unnoticed unless your memory holds the picture
Imperceptible motion
Then it drops
Drops suddenly from its home,
becoming mobile for a moment or two
Free from its bondage it rests
Learning its new place in the world
Finding its balance

Sit barefoot on the edge
Feel the energy dance within
Get up and join the dance
I am calm, I am connected
Recognize the future
The ocean sings to me
The clouds wave as they pass in the searing blue sky
You come too

I move towards my destiny
The journey appears slow as granite
And then the drop
Drop into the sea of infinity,
Where all are one and time and space have no meaning
Find my place
I am balanced on the precipice of delight

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