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Seattle Art Museum

Image by born1945 via Flickr

Part of the Seattle Art Museum, the Asian collection has it’s own building on Capitol Hill. Sitting in the middle of beautiful Volunteer Park it’s housed in the original Seattle Art Museum building. Well worth a visit, you should take yourself there soon.

The grand entrance is flanked by flowers and camels. It reminded me of the lions at the Chicago Art Museum.

camel Seattle Asian Art Museum


The inside is open and lit with skylights and has some lovely iron work.

iron work

There is a mix of the ancient and modern, temple statues, blockprints, furniture, carvings, pottery and porcelins. Japanese, Chinese, East Indian, there is something for every taste. Pictured here is a bronze work depicting seaweed. It’s much more impressive than the photo shows.

How do you like this example of ikebana-flower arranging. The pot was really interesting and was the focus in this exhibit not the flowers actually.

ikebana Japanes pottery

There is more to see, but I’ll leave you with the elaborate embroidery of royal robes. Here are a couple of details for your enjoyment. More later.

embroiderydragon embroidery

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got paint?

painting of man in capThe other day I had the opportunity to visit the Seattle Art Museum between shifts at Benaroya Hall. I had only been there once before to see the Picasso exhibit but didn’t have time to view the rest of the museum. If you have never been there, or it has been a while, what are you waiting for? There is something for almost everyone. The galleries are bright and roomy with plenty of space between pieces so that you can enjoy them without feeling crowded.

Seattle Art Museum maskI started out my visit with a tasty lunch in the Taste restaurant that is part of the museum. It is open to everyone and you don’t have to pay admission to eat there. The food is always yummy and you can catch snippets of interesting conversation at near by tables while enjoying your meal. Visit the gift shop, also open to the public, for unusual gifts and trinkets. I wanted to write down some notes but found myself without any paper so I picked up a small notebook while there.

mouse at seattle art museum

There wasn’t a great deal of time to spend so I decided on a quick overview of the entire museum. You can find painting, sculpture, masks, video shows, books, decorative arts and furniture from many eras and styles. Find your favorite section and spend some time or just browse as I did.

Seattle Art Museum Nick Cave

The special exhibit was Nick Cave Meet Me at the Center of the Earth. A fantastic collection of suits of clothing made from sweaters, knit purses, metal flowers,twigs and more. You might have seen some of them dancing around town-the Sound Suits. No pictures were allowed in this gallery but I just happened to catch some of them from the adjacent gallery so technically I followed the rules. Catch them at SAM while they are still there. 

Nick Cave Seattle Art Museum

When you enter or leave SAM be sure to look up and this is what you see. Actually there are several and to see them from the upper floor is a strange sensation.


There is much more to see, but no more time today. Do you have a favorite piece? If you aren’t in Seattle tell us about your favorite art museum.

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