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I am the one on a journey of self discovery through uncharted waters.

I am the one who travels under my own power, unaccompanied and without the baggage of the past.

I am the one who leaves the safe harbor behind with only my dreams to guide me.

I haven’t posted in a very long time. These past few months have been a time of decision and coming to grips with the many changes that are about to happen.

I am about to embark on a journey, a change of life, without a net. These are changes that have been a long time coming and were well considered. But that hasn’t made them any easier.

It seems that when I delayed making the decisions, the Universe would step in and give a nudge.  At first those nudges were gentle, then more insistent.  And finally they resembled a good swift kick in the butt.

But now the decisions are all made. I only wait for nature to calm down to make that cross country drive safer. I trust in the Universe to guide my dreams into reality.

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