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Weather Alert

footprints in snowThis is my weather. It’s what I am used to and comfortable with in the winter. And to boot (oh yes I meant to say that) it looks like we are going to have a lot of it. SNOW that is.

I realize that where I come from and where I have lived most of my life that snow is expected, planned for and accomodated fairly easily. Here in Seattle it is a snow bird of a different color.  Since I don’t have to be anywhere in the next few days I am feeling pretty good about it.

Yesterday I went for a walk around my immediate neighborhood. This was the first chance I had to do so. The snow made for a blanket of quiet. The only sounds were the crunch of snow underfoot and the cawing of crows and peeping of the little birds. The trees were wearing their Sunday best looking very fashionable.

evergreens with snow

 As I approached the main street there were few cars about. However plenty of people were out walking. Rosy cheeks and pulled down caps, everyone looked happy. I decided to try out one of the local eateries for breakfast.

restaurantLeena’s Cafe was already crowded with folks. People were laughing and smiling and enjoying hearty breakfasts. Never having been there before I don’t know if this was the regular crowd or a result of the weather. The service was friendly and relaxed and the food was good an plentiful. I’ll be going back again sometime soon.

On my return home, in my Midwestern way, I greeted the people I passed on the street. Back to the quiet of the side street I stopped to admire the trees in their finery once more. Now to get some work done.

cup of coffee

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Sixth day on the road and I am still having a great time. I am starting to feel the end of this trip coming on too fast. I don’t want it to end, despite that straight line on the gps. The end of the trip means getting back to reality and responsibility, ugh….

This is what my gps has looked like for the past three days. Can you imagine? Must be pretty boring, eh? Not at all. If I had stopped to see all the interesting things along the way or just stopped to take pictures I would still be in New York. It has been a long time since I traveled by car for this length of time. Each city and area is different. The light is different, the scent is different, the colors are different, the energy is different.

We don’t have rattlesnakes in Maine. We do have a desert though. Bet you didn’t know that. It’s not as big as the Mohave desert though. For the first time on the trip I saw a few cactus. There were lava fields too.

There were left overs from the days when Route 66 was the only way to get from Chicago to LA. When was the last time you slept in a wigwam the sign says. Aren’t these TeePees not wigwams? Yes this was a motel. There were also plenty of deserted and dilapidated motels, tourist traps and gas stations along the way. They looked like the sort of places the heros in a B movie would hide if they were trying to escape from the aliens. (There are the aliens again) Unfortunately I didn’t get to Roswell.

After days of driving the straight and sometimes narrow it was culture shock to get back to civilization and greeness. There was snow on the mountain tops, flowers by the side of the road and more cars than trucks. I had a feeling of sadness leaving all the peace and quiet behind. But all things must end. The trip from now on will be very different than the past few days.

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abundance-of-the-universe3Today we had the first real snow of the season. I decided to give myself a bonus day and stay home from work. It had promised to be a big storm but in the end was just moderate. The snow put me in the mood to finish my Christmas cards, since they usually don’t get done til after the new year, this was something big for me. Sometimes they don’t get done at all.

It had been quite a while since last contact with family so I decided to do the dreaded Christmas letter.  At first I thought there was little to report, I spend too much time working and too little time playing. But as I wrote I found my life had been more interesting than thought. Soul Collage has been a very important bright spot to me this year. There is not a lot of time to devote to cutting and pasting but each moment has been precious.

This card is called Abundance of the Universe and it tells me…

I am the one who holds the abundance of the universe in her hands.I am the one who creates from the stuff of stars.I am the one who knows the universe will manifest my desires, be they negative or positive. It is easy. What I dream of can be mine. Be careful what you wish for.

In these difficult economic times it is important to remember that the Universe is indeed abundant. When we concentrate on worrying about what we don’t have, or might  not have in the future we are denying the gifts that are offered to us from The Infinite.

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