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A little slide show of the delicious and adventurous eating we did in Thailand. Yum. Are you hungry yet? Remember to click the next button.

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I’ve been challenged by the members of my blogging group to do this. I resisted at first because I was sure I couldn’t come up with 25 interesting things I wanted to share. I hope this is at least somewhat amusing for you. Why don’t you try it too?

1.  I love to travel, just about anywhere.

2. Outside of America I have been to England, Wales, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, Austria, Lichtenstein, Thailand, Italy, Denmark, Canada, Mexico. Monoco, Switzerland. (see #1)

3. I have Bachelor of Music from Lawrence University, A Master of Music from the University of Texas and a couple more years at Yale all in flute performance.

4. I love to garden, but only flowers not veggies.

5. Blogging is my new passion.

6. I once ran into Bruce Willis-literally. He is really tall.

7. Charles Nelson Reilly was a colleague of mine. He was one fantastic opera director. And really funny too. I miss him terribly.

8. I didn’t get married till I was 34. No longer though.

9. I am the production manager for the one man play Muse of Fire

10. I drive a manual transmission car and always have.

11. I was taught to drive by a race car driver (see #10)

12. I have lived in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Texas. Connecticut, Maine and Washington. (see #1)

13. My favorite part time job ever was working at Walmart, in the dressing room. Yea, really. It was a tourist town and I was able to speak with people from all over the world. (see #1 and # 2)

14. I enjoy taking photographs of interesting things but I don’t call myself a photographer.

15. I collect china from defunct restaurants, but only if it has the logo on it.

16. Beautiful things make me cry.

17. Kirtan, Krishna Das changed my life.

18. Lobster, lobster and more lobster please.

19 I studied with Jean Pierre Rampal

 20. I have not been to Wyoming, Montana, Alabama, South Dakota, Idaho, Nebraska, Alaska, Hawaii. Georgia, or South Carolina (see #1)

21.I love crayons-the Crayola box of 64 with the sharpener. During college finals we bought coloring books and new crayons, sat on the student lounge floor and colored away our stresses. The heck with practicing.

22. I have been to Maine, so have nothing to fear thanks to Maestro Charles Bruck. Thank you for sitting on my shoulder.

23. I still believe in Santa Claus and dragons.

24. I am 3 degrees of separation from Johannes Brahms, 2 degrees from Igor Stravinsky.

25. I want to travel to India, Egypt, Morroco, Kenya, Japan, Peru. What the heck, and  the rest of the world I haven’t been to yet. I’d love living in stateroom on a Cunard ocean liner and hopping on and off when I felt like it. (see #1)  I have travelled on the QE1 and QM1 so I know what I am talking about.

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Visiting the Temple of the Four Faced Buddha in Bangkok we found people giving thanks to the accompaniment of musicians and dancers. This temple is located across the street from the area where the Red Shirts protested in the recent unrest.

While shopping in the Chatuchuk weekend market a melodious noise drew me around the corner to a shop in the Chinese area. Wind chimes of all kinds! There are approximately 9,000 shops in this gigantic market. You can find just about anything you want, clothes, jewelry, furniture, household goods, food….etcetera, etcetera and so forth.

Around every corner in Thailand there is something to dazzle the eyes and engage the senses.

all rights reserved Diane Kern 2010

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Coming home from workwork the other night, I caught part of a program on the CBC about composer Thomas Tallis. He wrote beautiful music that I have always appreciated. The section I heard discussed his relationship to Henry VIII and the music he composed during that time.

I was reminded of the visit to Hampton Court in England that I made a number of years ago. During that visit the tour guide sat us down in one of the halls of the palace. On the walls hung colorful tapestries of musicians playing. Costumed musicians came into the room and performed music of the time for us, including some music composed by King Henry himself. I don’t remember if there was any Tallis but I expect there was.

This experience alone was memorable enough. But what really struck me on that visit, in this hall, at that moment, was the knowledge that I sat in the same room where the King had listened to this same music. It was the same hall where he walked daily. I truly felt present, I was a part of that history. It was as if I was there at that time. Perhaps I was, in another time line.

I have visited and enjoyed many historical sites  without having this feeling before or since. That is until I recently experienced a similar feeling while in Thailand.  As I walked through the temples and buildings of the Grand Palace in Bangkok I had that eerie sensation again. I was walking where the King had walked. I was walking with the King of Siam.

Have you experienced this sensation before while visiting an historical site? I would love to hear the who, where, and when about it.

all rights reserved Diane Kern 2010

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Like so many, I enjoyed the movie “The King and I” starring Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr. I was fascinated by the gorgeous setting, the beautiful ball gowns and the story of the King who wanted to bring his people into the modern age.

Later, in high school one of my best friends was a foreign exchange student from Siam, as it was then called, Somchai Samatadol. We had great times that year teaching each other about our countries. I vowed that one day I would visit.

As often happens we lost touch. But I never lost that desire to visit Thailand. I finally had the opportunity to travel there with my international Feng Shui group for our annual meeting hosted by my study sister in Bangkok.


We spent time in conference discussing projects past, present and future. But we also had the pleasure of working in the field and traveling to various geological, spiritual, historical and business sites. There was of course time for fun, walking on the beach, shopping and the amazing, 2 hour, full body, Thai massage for about $6.

The food was delicious in both fancy restaurants and roadside eateries. Roasted fish, Peking duck, dragon fruit, durian ice cream and even bugs were on the menu. The people lived up to their slogan “Land of Smiles”. We saw wild monkeys, elephants and lots of roadside dogs. There were orchids everywhere. So many in fact that I didn’t even think to photograph them. We took the canal boats into downtown Bangkok, careened around corners in a tuk-tuk, experienced taffic jams in pink taxis and walked, walked, walked. We walked in the footsteps of Yul Brynner’s King of Siam.

Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon day sun and so did this American. The sun was intense and humidity high. But it didn’t matter, there was so much to see and do. I vow to return to Thailand. And this time it won’t take so many years.

all rights reserved Diane Kern 2010

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